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 Window Shades 
Manual Shades offer excellent light and glare control with an uniterrupted view to the exterior.  They protect furnishings from harsh UV damage and save energy costs.  They are simple to use, easy to clean and are durable in all types of educational and commercial applications. 
  The R16 mechanism is the minimum product to be specified for shades in commercial installations, with shades under 14 lbs. and up to 120" in length.  Blackout materials are offered for complete light control.
The R24 mechanism is appropriate for shades up to 20 lbs. and/or 140 square feet combined width and length.  Blackout materials are offered for complete light control.
Motorizing Shades is the state-of-the-art way to control the interior environment of commercial, hospitality and institutional installations. The superb styling of these shading systems offers the ultimate in sun protection and temperature control.

We'll work with you to select the style and materials that are appropriate for your particular application and budget.  A wide range of materials and colors is available. 

We will ensure that measurements are exact and your products will be expertly installed.

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