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 Outdoor Marquees And Display Cases 

Barrett Robinson offers an economical and practical way to communicate your upcoming activities and events on outdoor marquees, or to display notices, awards, pictures, etc. in indoor or outdoor display cases.

Wall-mounted or free standing, marquees and display cases are available in single-faced or double-faced models.

Piano-hinged top allows easy access for changing message text.

Aluminum framed clear Lexan faceplate designed to prevent vandalism; includes lock hasp at bottom for padlock.

School name and logo may be included in header.

Also included are 250 6-inch letters, one letter changer and storage cabinet.

Wall-mounted or free standing display cases are available in single-faced or double-faced models. 
Display cases can be custom made with a 6" header at top for your school name and logo.

Marquee or display case can be interior illuminated if desired
 (electrical service to marquee to be provided by others).

Installation available within 75-mile radius of Los Angeles County.

Click here for information on outdoor marquee letters and characters.

Barrett Robinson
Phone: 949-493-9855