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 Curve Clip Skate Deterrents - FA90CC 
Curve Clip Skate Deterrents - FA90CC

Applications:  This part is designed specifically for curb applications or for walls with a 1/2" radius edge (not for use on precast concrete).

Size:  Outside dimensions:  4.0" (top) x 1.0" (face) x 2.0" wide.  Mounting hardware:  adhesive and spiral drive.

Material:  Available in clear anodize (silver/gray) aluminum.

Anchoring:  Parts are anchored with 1/4" NAILIN, affixed with two-part epoxy.

Product Spacing18” from end of planters/walls and approximately 36” on centers. 

Prices for aluminum pieces with clear anodize finish: 

  • 20 piece kit (for up to 60 lin. ft.):  $264.00*
  • 60 piece kit (for up to 180 lin. ft.):  $726.00*
  • 100 piece kit (for up to 300 lin. ft.):  $1,127.50*
  • 250 piece kit (for up to 750 lin. ft.):  $2,640.00*

 * Kits include parts, anchors, and epoxy adhesive.  Each order will contain masonry drill bits, drive keys and hole brushes sufficient to install quantity of pieces ordered.  Orders of 60 pieces will require purchase of epoxy applicator.  Orders of 100 pieces or more will include a free epoxy applicator.

Dual-Cartridge Epoxy Applicator:  $72

Freight and sales tax (for delivery to California only) are not included in price.

To order or to obtain additional information, please Contact Us.

Barrett Robinson
Phone: 949-493-9855