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 Dry Marker Boards, Chalkboards, Reversible Boards and Tackboards 
Barrett Robinson offers a full line of display boards including chalkboards, cork boards, dry marker boards, combination boards (with chalk or dry marker board plus cork board), and reversible dry marker boards.
  • Made from durable high pressure laminate for a surface that will stand the test of time, our Dura-Rite® dry marker boards provide an exceptionally wear-resistant surface at an affordable price.
  • The dust-free surface ensures smooth writability and easy erasability.
  • The dry marker board is trimmed in anodized aluminum.
  • Each dry marker board includes a full-length tackable map rail and a full-length accessory tray finished with our rubber Dura-Safe® end caps.
  • Mounting hardware is included.


  • Our porcelain steel chalkboard surface is the finest available.
  • The surface features a fine-tooth abrasive finish and superior color contrast that makes chalk easier to read.
  • The vitrified porcelain surface erases without ghosting, and is colorfast and non-fading.
  • The surface also doubles as a magnetic bulletin board.
  • Clean up is easy with ammonia and water.
  • The chalkboard includes a full-length tackable map rail and a full-length accessory tray with protective Dura-Safe® rubber end caps.
  • Mounting hardware is included.
  • Get twice the functional surface of a wall-mounted board in about the same space with our Dura-Safe® reversible dry marker boards.
  • Every Dura-Safe® reversible dry marker board features an accessory tray fully encapsulated in silicone rubber to eliminate sharp edges and promote safety.
  • The tray comes in a variety of colors, including custom colors, and is available with your choice of text (an upcharge applies to custom orders).
  • Each mobile Dura-Safe® dry marker board is a double-sided dry marker board and available with our superior magnetic porcelain steel markerboard surface or with 100% natural cork tackboard.
  • The reversible dry marker boards are available in two sizes: 40"H x 30"W or 4'H x 6'W.
  • The board rotates 360º on a pivot hinge and locks into place with the turn of a knob.
  • Available trimmed in anodized aluminum, the Dura-Safe® reversible dry marker board fits into any meeting, training or classroom with ease.
  • The frame features a wide base design for stability, and includes 3" locking casters for mobility.
  • Featuring an economical and environmentally-friendly cork tackboard surface, Valu-Tak cork boards provide a quality surface at a budget-friendly price.
  • The 100% natural cork used on the tackboard surface is a renewable resource, harvested responsibly from cork trees to allow a useful life of more than 150 years for each tree.
  • The cork surface is bonded to a 3/8" thick layer of insulation board for excellent tack-holding qualities.
  • Each cork board is framed in anodized aluminum trim.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Designed to satisfy all of your display board surface needs within one sturdy framed unit, our combination chalk-/markerboard and bulletin boards join both writing chalkboard or markerboard and tackboard surfaces into one unit for superior functionality.
  • Available with either a porcelain steel chalkboard or porcelain steel markerboard surface coupled with our high quality Add-Cork tackable surface, combination boards are available in a wide variety of configurations to fit your requirements.
  • Porcelain steel writing surfaces consist of a layer of steel laminated to 7/16" thick MDF for superior moisture resistance.
  • The tackable surfaces consist of a 1/8" layer of natural cork laminated to a 3/8" thick layer of insulation board.
  • Tackboard surfaces are available in natural cork or in vinyl-covered cork for easy maintenance.
  • Chalk/marker and bulletin boards are framed in anodized aluminum trim with a full-length accessory tray.
  • The tray features our protective rubber Dura-Safe® end caps.
  • Installation hardware is included.
  • Combination boards are custom and non-refundable.
  • Save wall space and add functional board surface with our innovative horizontal sliding boards.
  • These customizable boards allow up to two-and-a-half times more usable surface in the same area as a standard board, featuring panels that slide behind or in front of each other on a unique and smooth track system, making the boards ideal for multipurpose rooms or for keeping sensitive information hidden.
  • Choose from two-, three-, or four-track horizontal sliding systems.
  • Lightweight core material and precise alignment of the upper and lower tracks ensure easy operation.
  • The horizontal sliding boards are available with porcelain steel markerboard or chalkboard surfaces, or any Best-Rite® tackable surface.
  • Framed with heavy gauge anodized aluminum tubing, the boards include a 2" high full-length tackable map rail and a full-length accessory tray with enclosed end caps.
  • Each sliding board panel is 4'H and available in widths from 6' to 20'. The horizontal sliding boards ship fully assembled and include full-length mounting brackets on the top and bottom (bolts not included).
  • Horizontal sliding boards are custom and non-returnable.
  • Turn any empty wall into a display area with our versatile and durable map rails.
  • The rails are ideal for hallways, classrooms, offices, or libraries, and can be mounted individually, or attached to an existing markerboard for added versatility.
  • Available in 1" or 2" heights, the map rail consists of an anodized aluminum extrusion framing a 1/4" thick colored cork insert that is resilient and self healing.
  • Optional accessories are available, including hook clips, flag holders, map winders, and end stops.
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