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 Demountable Prefabricated Walls 

Barrett Robinson provides demountable wall systems that are designed according to your needs.

Installation is Quick and Clean, With Minimal Disruption

  • The demountable wall offers an efficient alternative to messy, time-consuming construction. 
  • Panels are pre-finished and pre-fitted offsite with accessories and options.
  • Installation is completed in hours or days, not weeks, for minimal disruption of the workplace.


Components Are Customized For Your Space

Our modular wall systems have many options:
  • Electrical and communications outlets 
  • Doors and windows
  • Wide variety of finishes
  • Insulated for better sound control
  • Can be used as a tackable surface
  • Additional custom components may be added (see examples below)

Custom Cabinets
Custom Mailboxes
Custom Storage

Cost Effective

With pricing as competitive as conventional construction, you also get the added benefit of moving and reusing your wall. Also, there is a tax savings! Under the modified accelerated cost recovery schedule (ACRS), relocatable walls are depreciated over only seven years. Fixed partitions are depreciated over 31.5 years (see your tax advisor for the financial advantages specific to your particular situation).

Moveable and Reusable

It is very convenient to add, modify, or reuse your walls as your business expands.

  • You won't experience the usual expense, trouble, and mess of conventional wall demolition and reconstruction.
  • Wall panels can be quickly disassembled and relocated without damaging your existing interior.
  • Plus, you can take your walls with you if you move.


Our panels have an internal wood frame, permanently bonded on both sides with vinyl-coated wood fiber panels. Wall systems are available up to 144" in height. Unlike other wall panels that are only 1.5" thick, our 3.5" thick product meets class I and II building requirements when properly installed.

Installation at Pomona Child Development Offices
Installation at Alvin Dunn Elementary-San Marcos USD
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